Appealing, smart, and responsive websites that attract viewers and effectively convey your message so that you achieve maximum results…and a design guarantee!


From simple websites to dynamic database-driven online applications, our professional developers have the experience and expertise to complete your project on time and on budget.


Whether you are complimenting your website with a mobile equivalent, or would like to develop a standalone app, our mobile application development team will make your goals a reality.


The right e-commerce system is as important and unique as the products or services you are selling. Get our 22 years of e-commerce solution experience to work for you.


Full multimedia lessons and an interactive feature-rich testing environment will provide the ultimate educational experience for your audience


We develop in all major platforms including WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. We also are experts in custom coding with no limitations


At Rebel Trail, we provide all of the services you need for a highly successful website. From design and development to hosting and SEO we can ensure your website has maximum impact and attracts viewers like a super-magnet. Our talented development team is fluent in all major web platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla plus many many more. We are also experts in custom development and can create unique web applications and functions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.


We provide unlimited design concepts and revisions for your website – a guarantee you’ll love the website we create for you.


Your website can grow with your needs without costly redevelopments. All our websites are future ready.


Your website will look great on the small mobile screen as well as the big desktop screen.


Full post-launch service, maintenance, and support. We have your back!


Excellent communications and project management skills. Your project development will be smooth and streamlined, with attention to every detail.


We have great respect for deadlines and budgets and will not exceed either. With 22 years in business comes a proven track record of success.


A unique element about Rebel Trail is the way in which we design your website, and the fact that we guarantee the design. During the Creative Stage, our designers collaborate on how your website should look, feel, navigate, and react. The end result of these meetings is a series of graphical concepts for your website.

These concepts are then presented to you, the client, and we invite you to review the concepts, and make your comments and suggestions accordingly. Here’s where the guarantee comes in… We will not stop revising and providing new concepts, until you are thoroughly satisfied, with no additional cost.

This is a major difference between Rebel Trail and its competitors. Most of our competition will give you a quote for the cost of your website – but this quote is based on your acceptance of the first concept. If you do not like the concept, they charge you a hefty hourly rate to make revisions. Very quickly, their cost estimate will become more and more expensive.

At Rebel Trail, when we quote you a price for a website, you will never be in for any surprises. Quite simply, we stand behind our work, and we won’t stop working until you are satisfied – with no alteration in cost.



Whatever the size of your business or organization we can create the perfect website for you.



We can design and implement custom development solutions for your web application. If you can dream it we can build it.



Keep your website up to date with our simple to use Content Management Systems. No experience necessary.



Top placement on all major search engines with full ad campaign services.

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The Rebel Trail Virtual Design Guarantee is an exclusive service from Rebel Trail available for all Toronto web design and website development projects. The guarantee was created in 2005 as a response to a fairly unethical practice that was permeating the Toronto web design landscape at the time. Many Toronto web development companies were engaged in a practice in which they would provide a quote to a client for their Toronto website development project. However, buried in their contracts were clauses that stated the quoted price was based on the client’s full acceptance of the first graphical concept produced for the design of their website project. If the client did not approve of the first concept, then they would be forced to pay the web development agency’s hourly rate to get a second or third concept created. This would eventually lead to a cost spiral, where the client continuously pays for additional graphical concepts, and is still not satisfied with the quality of the design. Very quickly, a quoted price could double or triple in costs, and the client is still not satisfied with the conceptual designs provided.

At Rebel Trail, we saw this as a big problem in the website development process, and in response we took a rather bold step to counter this unethical practice. Starting in 2005, Rebel Trail guaranteed the design we created for our clients. If the client was not completely satisfied with the designs created in the conceptual stage, we would provide additional concepts with no alteration in the quoted price.  Quite simply, we would not stop creating additional concepts until the client was thoroughly satisfied with the design of their website in both desktop and mobile variations. This created a virtual guarantee that our clients would love the designs we create for them, as we would not stop producing concepts until we had achieved all of their website design goals with no alteration in the quoted price.

After the launch of this bold new program, the feedback we received was tremendously positive. Rebel Trail clients could rest easy knowing that Rebel Trail would work diligently on their website designs, and not stop producing concepts until they were thoroughly satisfied with the end result – and not have to worry about escalating budgets. To this day, the virtual design guarantee is a staple in the development process of your Toronto website design project and will ensure your complete satisfaction of your website’s design. This program is naturally included in all Rebel Trail projects.

Rebel Trail offers a highly comprehensive process for determining the value of your Toronto website development project. Our quote process is complimentary and never involves any fees or commitments from our prospective clients. The process normally begins with a simple conversation, either through calls, videochats, in person, or through email. The first step is for Rebel Trail to fully understand your website goals. We do this by actually listening to our clients and not making any presumptions. We also understand that our clients are not website developers – that is why they’re contacting us. As such our clients do not have to be concerned about understanding technical terminology with us – that’s our job. We are here to guide you through the process, understand your goals, and make recommendations on best practices as well as new functionality that can help streamline and automate our client’s processes. Rebel Trail prides itself on being always on top of the latest technological and design trends in the industry – and we pass along this valued information to our clients who may not have known if its existence. This creates a collaborative environment where we can propose dynamic and innovative solutions to our potential clients that will have a positive return on investment, while automating any manual tasks.

Once the website design and development goals of our potential clients are fully understood, we will research the best technology to accomplish them, and provide a detailed document on all base costs, optional costs, and potential future costs for services like hosting, plugins, 3rd party utilities, SEO initiatives, and support and maintenance. Rebel Trail is very transparent about our pricing and will work with our potential client’s budget to develop a custom solution that works perfectly within their budget parameters. In addition, website design and development financing and flexible payment terms are also available.

We can also push non-critical website functionality to an alternate phase of development in order to keep costs down in Phase 1. This is a highly popular option as it ensures that all critical functionality is developed in the first phase, and later on we can add additional functionality, or enhancements in Phase 2. Phase 2 can start upon the launch of Phase 1, or several months or even years later. We will work with our clients to determine the best launch plan for their website and strategically plan the website development phases accordingly.

While there is a lot of information to be processed in the above points in order to arrive at an accurate estimate, Rebel Trail can generally produce an estimate for your Toronto website development project within 1 – 2 days.

We have all heard the unhelpful retort to this question which is ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Obviously, the development time of the Toronto website design project can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the website. However, at Rebel Trail we understand this is a critical question posed by our potential clients. Our clients need to be able to organize the launch of their new website, and that timing may also align with marketing campaigns, trade shows, product launches, or other critical deadlines. As such, we strive to provide you with the most accurate timelines available and will also consult with you on strategies to accelerate those timelines.

Rebel Trail is highly respectful of deadlines and has a very impressive track record of always completing a project to the client’s full satisfaction well before a critical launch date. Our experienced and highly professional project managers will determine both the timeline and workplan for your website development project that will ensure it’s ready well before the deadline. Further, we will utilize modern project online management systems to streamline communications and empower our clients to know exactly where they are within the development process, and what to expect next.

For a free, no-obligation quote on time and costs for your Toronto website development project, contact Rebel Trail today.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and registration services are a large part of any Toronto web design project that is produced in our studios. SEO is an ever-changing world as the major search engines are always updating and improving the rules that govern the indexing of your website and ultimately its place within the search engine rankings.

Our SEO services go way beyond keywords and meta information. While it is an important part of the process, there are many other factors a search engine will use to rank your website. Elements like ALT tags on images, good use of H1 tags, proper content lengths, inward and outward linking, keyword density, formatting and minification of code, and plugin optimizations are all taken into account when developing your new website. Prior to the launch of your website, we educate our clients on search engine best practices and empower them with the tools needed to always ensure top placement within the various search engines. Further, we will add metrics and analytics programs to your website, and train our clients on their usage, so they always know the relevant information on users to the website, as well as insights to help increase their visibility and search engine placement.

We are also highly respectful of a website that already has high placement within the search engines and respect our potential client’s concerns that their new website may harm established results. With Rebel Trail, you have our assurance that your new website will continue with your pre-established rankings and will improve upon them as well. We accomplish this by researching the marketing and online history of your website to determine what factors contributed to its current placement. This will be used to establish a baseline of search engine results from which we strive to improve upon. Any established links on your website will continue to work when the new website is ready for launch to ensure that previous and older users of your site will never encounter a broken link. Once the website is launched, we will monitor the search engine results and make tweaks and adjustments to guarantee top performance within the various search engines.

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